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Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2020!

Gameplay Notes:


There are three systems you need to keep running: the legs, arms, and main gun. 

Each takes a unique type of fuel. When you run out, you'll be able to see what fuel goes to which system by the sets of blinking white circles.

Use the cardinal direction keys to move Beepis around Bolthead's body. Tap in the direction of the system you want to interact with to pick up or deposit fuel types.

Beepis can only carry one type of fuel, but you can swap them by bumping into a different fuel source. 

Every 5 uses of a directional key it will "burn out" as one of the fuses in Beepis' brain goes pop. When this happens, you will need to tap a new key to install a new fuse. That new key will now act as the replacement for the old key, so choose your positioning wisely. 

The remaining key "fuses" you haven't used are shown at the bottom of the screen. Once you use all 25 letters, the entire system will reset. 

Keep all of Bolthead's systems operational, and you'll be able to advance to the next level and rack up a new hiscore! 

Actual Description:


Lose control of a robot that's stuck inside another completely out of control robot! Marvel at how our team really overestimated their ability to function on -24 hours of sleep! 

Bolthead is a giant out of control robot who listens to no one, and you're his closest friend. Literally, as you run around the internal corridors of his giant mech body, keeping his engines running and his cannons firing. 

But self care is just as important, as the chips in your robot body will burn out. Quick, replace them with a new one before the incoming enemies turn your big buddy to scrap! 

Features big robot smashing action and off kilter puzzle mechanics. Save the planet! Destroy America! 

Built between me and https://itch.io/profile/atma505

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