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Delving deep into the lair of the Alchemiser, you face off against hordes of bio-alchemical drones armed only with your Centri-Fusilade. Spin the chamber and cook up 6 unique alchemical tinctures to hurl at your foes, but be careful they're as dangerous to you as they are to your enemies!

Core mechanic: 
You have no control over what bullet comes out of your weapon, and thereby need to read the situation and position yourself carefully lest you bomb yourself into a pit of spikes .

You revolver reloads different bullet types in random order. After each bullet has been fired it will reveal what it was, letting you narrow down the next shot that might come out of the barrel. Used you Dash Bullet already? Now you don't have to worry about launching yourself forward, and can position accordingly. 

Your six bullets are:

Petrification (instantly kills an enemy) 
Explosive (explodes)
Dash (launches you forwards, damaging enemies)
Implosion (pulls enemies and you into the explosion)
Goo (slows things that walk into it)
Prime Materia (killing an enemy heals the player)


gmtk_2022_1.2.zip 24 MB

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